Pre-Pointe & Pointework

Pre-Pointe & Pointe

Students studying higher level ballet will start to work firstly in Soft pointe shoes and then pointe shoes. For safety reasons SSD run these as separate additional classes.

Pre Pointe

These classes are the first stage of pointe work for students, they work in soft pointe shoes to develop strength and technique in the feet and learn how to move in their shoes. Students are assessed throughout these classes by their teacher and will only be able to transition into Pointe Shoes when their teacher agrees.

Students develop at different times so some students may need longer in these classes before transitioning to full pointe.


Once students have developed the strength required they will move into pointe shoes. Separate classes here will allow them to work safely in their pointe shoes, and start to learn the required syllabus exercises.

Students will not be required to dance pointe work in an exam until they have reached vocational level (Grade 6).

To view our class times please see our timetable.

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