Welcome to Sammy's School of Dance

'Inspiring their future' 

'Training for their tomorrow'

Established in October 2012, SSD is your opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, explore your inner passion for creativity and achieve your potential across all styles of Dance, From classical to jazz we have something for everyone.

We believe that dance is about far more than putting steps to music. We strive to nurture our students in the art form of dance, to give them the tools they need to perform, teach and believe in themselves, and to do this we go further than just teaching.

SSD offer our students many opportunities both within, and outside the studio to better their knowledge and understanding of the wider dance arts community, including trips to Live Theatre, Dance Events, Training Programs, Workshops, Masterclasses and of course taking part in Performances of all sizes up sand down the country.

Our dedicated staff have an inner passion for Dance and Theatre and always put our students at the heart of their planning and delivery of classes, with intense technical training, fun games and creative tasks to assist with the learning processes of all our students. We strive to make dance accessible to all.

SSD are proud of the vital work we do to build our students confidence and enrich their development, whilst bringing dance to the community.

Daughter absolutely loves her classes at SSD, continually dancing around at home.

-Amanda, Parent

"I love dancing because I feel I was meant to do it. I am most happy when I am dancing"

-Stephanie, Age 12

Patience, Kindness and Passion, Miss Sammy goes above and beyond with opportunities

-Laura, Parent

"I love learning the different dances, being in the shows and all my teachers."

-Lilian, Age 7

The quality of training is second to none

-Samantha, Parent


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