Class Wear

At SSD we take pride in the way we look and feel for classes by setting standards for professional practise. Our Uniform lists follow guidelines set by the ISTD, NATD and DANG examination societies. 

Our class uniform is supplied by International Dance Supplies (IDS), and can be purchased via the Parent Portal on Desktop or via the app. Orders are placed on the last working day of each month, and usually arrive within 2-5 days.

For a full list of our current uniform requirements for each class and level, please visit the parent portal.

Company Tracksuits 

SSD students can feel smart and part of the team with our specially designed SSD company tracksuits, these form the basis of our performance kit worn by all students for performances and festivals up and down the country.

As with class uniforms, Tracksuits can be ordered via the parent portal, and are supplied by Awesome Dancewear. Orders are placed in March, July and November and usually arrive within 4-6 weeks.

Ballet / Jazz Conditioning Kits

If your studying one of our Ballet Conditioning or Senior Jazz classes, please make sure you have the correct additional kit items for your childs’ session. These include Thera Bands, Roll Matts and Yoga Balls for Ballet Conditioning and Ankle Weights for Senior and Advanced Jazz Classes.

All required items are of the correct specifications of the PBT syllabus and come highly recommended by the Royal Ballet School, giving your child the best possible opportunity to develop in both strength and technique. Please make sure you have all the items for your child’s class each session. Any items missing from the kit will affect the students ability to develop as strongly in some areas.

Items can be purchased via the Parent Portal and are supplied by Ballet Pro. Orders are placed immediately and usually arrive within 5-10 days.

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