Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance

Our Contemporary classes follow the NATD (National Association of Teachers of Dance) syllabi and cover Grades 1-Intermediate, meaning students can begin training from a younger age.

The Syllabus is made up of a combination of styles from Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham and Jose Limon, who together have shaped the world of Contemporary Modern Dance we see today. Contemporary Classes are advised alongside Ballet and Ballet Conditioning, to mimic the training a student would receive at vocational College.

Examinations are offered in all levels which are regulated and recognised by Ofqual and the DofE. Our Classes our split into 3 levels.

Pre Senior

Classes for children start from 7years at Grade 1 Level and cover through to Grade 3. The classes begin with the basic technical components and develop into lengthier exercises. The focus is on curves and spirals. These Classes should be studied alongside either Ballet or Modern Dance.


Classes develop further through Grades 4-6. They include more fluidity between movements and continue to work on the technical components. Students from Grade 4 will now start to begin exploring dance for themselves with choreographic practises, and opportunities to make decisions.


These Classes cover the Vocational Grades; Grade 6, Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate. They Prepare students for full time Vocational Training and professional dance practise. Once the Intermediate level has been achieved, students can choose to study for the Level 3 Associate Diploma. The Vocational levels earn UCAS points on completion of the relevant examinations.

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