Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance

Our newly popular Contemporary Dance classes follow the NATD syllabi for Grades 1-6 and Intermediate. And the ISTD vocational Grades Intermediate – Advanced 1, meaning that students can train in depth over several years to build on the foundations of the required techniques. The Syllabus is made up of a combination of styles by some of the worlds most influential dance practitioners, and allow for students to get creative with choreography and technique including Graham, Cunningham and Duncan, alongside fall and release and chance techniques.

Our classes are open to students aged 6yrs and above and are quickly proving to be a great benefit to dancers who study GCSE and A Level dance or for those looking to pursue classical and modern dance careers. Like with Ballet, we advise students to start at a younger age to build on the very basic foundations.

Examinations are offered across all levels, and are regulated and recognised by Ofqual and the DofE.

Take a look Inside Contemporary classes here.

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