Dance Classes

SSD has four main levels of class, which fit around the graded and vocational syllabi throughout the 4 genres we teach.

Junior Classes include Tinies, Pre Primary & Primary, Pre Senior Classes include Grades 1-3, Senior Classes include Grades 4 & 5, and Advanced Classes include all vocational and Professional level classes from Grade 6 and above.

We follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) syllabi across Ballet, Modern and Tap Dance, which are examined if and when students are ready, and want to. Within these genres some students will also take the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards in Tap and Jazz.

We also offer Contemporary Dance Classes, following the National Association for Teachers of Dance (NATD) syllabi. Students are also able to take examinations in these classes from Grade 1 to Advanced when they are ready.

We run additional technique specific classes for students studying Ballet pre pointe and pointework for those training at Grade 4 or above and Ballet Conditioning for all students Grade 1 above.

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