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February 2023 – Congratulations to Amelea-May and Ellie who successfully auditioned to train with Classical Ballet Associates: Southampton

December 2022 – Celebration Award Winners: Our Special awards for 2022 – Outstanding Performer: Steph – Student Choice for Inspiration: Brooke – Dancer of the Year: Amelea-May

Our Genre Specific Awards for 2022 go to: Anouk, Scarlett, Megan, Grace, LExi, Ellie, Brooke. Florence, Lawrence, Thea L, Amelia, Thea W, Autumn, Lilian and Ryeder

October 2022 – SSD Dancers Celebrate 10years of Dance with Performance at Disneyland Paris

May 2022 – Congratulations to Brooke on Successful application for Associate Training at Wilkes Academy Swindon

December 2021 – Celebration Award Winners: Our Genre Specific Awards for 2021 go to:┬áNathan, Lilian, Mia, Amelea-May, Summer, Brooke, Steph, Grace C, Alissa, Kian and Lexi M

September 2021 – SSD Dancers successfully audition to Perform at Disneyland in Paris.

May 2021 – Congratulations to Mia on successful audition to train at Ballet Boost Associates (London)

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