Sammy’s Dance run all classes termly across two different venues. Classes in Modern, Tap and Jazz run at the Hightown Centre in Thornhill and Ballet classes along with SSD Performers run at Weston Church Community Hall. All Junior classes run for half hour, along with Body Conditioning, Prep-Pointe and Pointe. Pre -Senior Classes run for 45minutes, Senior classes for 1 hour and Advanced classes for 1 hour 15 mins.

Classes run at the following times

DayStart TimeLevel / ClassVenue
Monday17:30-18:10Grade 1 ContemporaryHightown Centre
Monday18:10-18:50Grade 2 ContemporaryHightown Centre
Monday18:50-19:30Grade 3 ContemporaryHightown Centre
Tuesday17:30-18:00Grade 2 TapWeston Church
Tuesday18:00-18:40Grades 3/4 ModernWeston Church
Wednesday16:00-16:40Grade 1 BalletWeston Church
Wednesday16:40-17:10Pre Junior Ballet ConditioningWeston Church
Wednesday17:10-17:50Grade 2 BalletWeston Church
Wednesday17:50-18:20Grade 3 BalletWeston Church
Wednesday18:20-18:50Junior Ballet ConditioningWeston Church
Wednesday18:50-19:30Grade 4 BalletWeston Church
Wednesday19:30-20:00Pre-Pointe Weston Church
Friday16:00-16:30Primary ModernHightown Centre
Friday16:30-17:00Primary TapHightown Centre
Friday17:00-17:40Grade 1 ModernHightown Centre
Friday17:40-18:20Junior JazzHightown Centre
Friday18:20-19:00Grade 1 TapHightown Centre
Friday19:00-19:40Grade 2 ModernHightown Centre
Friday19:40-20:20Pre Senior JazzHightown Centre
Saturday 09.00-09:30Tinies BalletWeston Church
Saturday09.30-10:00Primary BalletWeston Church
Saturday10:00-10:30Pre Junior Ballet ConditioningWeston Church
Saturday10:30-11:10Grade 1 BalletWeston Church
Saturday11.15-12:30SSD PerformersWeston Church

*Please note that you can sign up to classes at any time via our contact form or e-mail.

*Class levels are based on Ability, therefore some students may progress at a quicker pace than others, students will only be entered for examinations once their teacher confirms that they are ready.

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