Modern Theatre Dance

Modern Theatre Dance

Modern Theatre Dance, is a fun style in the younger levels, and varied in the higher levels. Modern classes help to improve and maintain balance, strength, coordination stamina and performativity in students, and classes build in integrity through our 4 levels. All classes follow the ISTD dance syllabus with examinations from Grades 1 - Advanced levels being recognised by Ofqual and the DofE.


Starting at 4 years, children in the Primary Class work on imaginative fun exercises, including dipping toes in the pond, bouncing, throwing and catching. We encourage basic parallel technique and prepare students for the graded classes. Students can take the Class Test if they wish.

Pre Senior

Students in Grades 1-3 build on technique and develop and understanding of body lines and basic performance styles. There are options to take the Graded exams and work toward the higher levels.


Students in the higher Grades 4 and 5 develop more varied styles of dance including; Jazz, Lyrical and Musical Theatre dance. The build up allows for more strength and stamina.


Students studying at Vocational level, will be working on a number of differing techniques and styles. The classes are designed to push students mentally and physically as well as encouraging strong understanding of technique and performance skills.


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