Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet

Sammy's Dance offer classes in Classical Ballet for all ages.

Classical Ballet is the epitome of the Dance World, An art form in itself. It is the most recognised dance form around the globe and competition is big. Sammy's Dance have great ambitions and a huge passion for teaching Ballet. The school has an exceptional pass rate among ballet examinations, and for the past three consecutive years, SSD students have qualified and participated at the Junior Imperial Classical Ballet Awards in Milton Keynes.

All of our classes follow the ISTD dance syllabi, and all examinations from Grade 1 - Advanced are recognised by Ofqual and the DofE.


Students can begin classes at this level from the age of 3 years.

Classes run for half hour, as we understand that younger children struggle to concentrate for long periods of time.

Our Tinies class is split into two sections, beginning with the teaching of the basic steps and techniques which prepare students for the primary level and studio etiquette. The second half is more creative allowing students to improvise and create their own dances using a range of props.

Primary Ballet  for students aged 5 and upwards, focuses more on basic technique with a more structured approach to exercises. we follow the ISTD set syllabi and work on fun routines which enrich the learning process. Once ready students can take the Primary Class Test before progressing into the grades.


Our Pre-Senior Ballet classes cover the lower graded syllabus' (Grades 1-3). Students begin to learn more about the role of the dancer, the vocabulary of steps and start to make progressions in Technique, Artistry & Performance skills. Students can if they wish take additional classes in Body Conditioning to enhance their technique and training in preparation for the exams once ready.


Senior level classes include those in the higher graded syllabi (Grades 4-6). These allow dancers to progress much more in Technique, Artistry and Performance skills. Classes are now a little longer, to ensure that more time can be given to the detailed techniques as students work towards vocational level. Students can also take additional classes including Body Conditioning to enhance their training, plus Prep-Pointe and Pointework classes are now offered once the teacher feels that the candidate is ready both physically and mentally.


Our Advanced classes cover those of the Vocational levels (Intermediate and Advanced). Students in these classes may be working towards auditions to vocational training at professional dance establishments, auditioning for professional dance roles or may wish to head into teaching dance through the ISTDs DDE programme.

We also offer additional classes for students at this level following the NATD's Russian Ballet Syllabi (Inter Foundation - Advanced), which allows students at this level an opportunity to study a different set of techniques, whilst building stamina and strength by studying the additional class.

All Advanced students will also be studying Pointework and Conditioning alongside their syllabus classes.


Please see our timetable for details of class times.


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