Sammy’s Dance run all classes at Oasis Academy Mayfield. Please browse days and times below, for more information please contact us via the form.

Please Note our term dates for the 2019/2020 Academic Year:

September 3rd – December 14th (Half Term 26th October – 1st November) *Please Note Classes on Friday 13th December will run on Friday 20th December

January 7th – April 4th (Half Term 17th-21st February)                            *Please note classes on Tuesday 21st January will run on Thursday 23rd…

April 21st – July 18th (Half Term 25th – 29th May)

Timetable of Classes

Tuesday16:45-17:15 Grade 2 TapStudio
Tuesday 17.15-18.00Grade 3 ModernStudio
Tuesday18:00-18:30Grade 3 TapStudio
Tuesday18:30-19:15Grade 4 ModernStudio
Wednesday16:45-17:30 Grade 1 Ballet Studio
Wednesday17:30-18:10 Grade 2 Ballet Studio
Wednesday18:15-19:00 Grade 3 BalletStudio
Wednesday19:00-19:45Grade 4 BalletStudio
Friday16:15-16:45 Primary Tap Studio
Friday16:45-17:15 Grade 1 Modern Studio
Friday17:15-17:45Grade 1 TapStudio
Friday17:45-18:15Grade 2 ModernStudio
Friday18:30-19:15Pre Senior JazzStudio
Saturday09:00-09:30Pre School BalletStudio
Saturday09:30-10:00Primary BalletStudio
Saturday10:00-10:45Grade 1 BalletStudio
Saturday10.45-12:15Elite Squad Studio

*Please note that you can sign up to classes at any time via our contact form or e-mail.

*Class levels are based on Ability, therefore some students may progress at a quicker pace than others.
*Any Student Wishing to leave the dance school MUST give a Full 10 Weeks notice, or an invoice will be issued for the full amount owed.


Below is a list of our current fees for the academic year September 2019 – July 2020. Discounts are given to students or siblings who are studying more than one class. Private classes can be booked at a cost of £18.00 per half hour or £30 per hour.

There are now 2 easy ways to pay your fees; Cash in an envelope, with child’s name written on the front, Or Bacs transfer – Account Information available from Miss Sammy. We are no longer able to process Cheques.

Fees are as Follows:

No. of Classes1 Class2 Classes3 Classes4 Classes5 Classes6 Classes 7 classes


Sammy’s Dance take pride in the way we look, we follow guidelines set by the ISTD on our uniform policies, and have a personalized company kit for rehearsals, workshops, outings and smaller performances.

To order Set Class uniform and accessories please use the online shop. All Uniform is listed in groups per class with all accessories together, you will need to create your own personal login, once set up, you can order from the account whenever is convenient for you, have your orders delivered direct to your door and pay safely and securely with your credit or debit card. For more information about the online shop, please speak to Miss Sammy.

Terms & Conditions

Sammy’s School of Dance, are serious about the welfare and safety of our students. We also take pride in our school, our students and our staff. As a result all staff are DBS checked, dress appropriately and enjoy the job they do.

Below is a list of Policies and Guidelines to help you get the most out of our establishment.

Health & Safety Policy


School Guidelines

Privacy Policy (May 2018)

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